Learn more about Dragons of the Edge

Dragons of the Edge is a non-profit project created by fans for fans. The main and beginning of this project was a series of cartoons "How to train a dragon". We present to your attention an open game world and give you the opportunity to feel like a real dragon. You are free to choose: become a vile night fury or an evil snake; cut the sky at high speed or lead a pedestrian lifestyle on earth; declare war on all living things or live in peace and harmony.

We also took care of the natural ingredients, such as food production in the form of fishing or hunting other dragons, drinking on the Bay, the mood of the surrounding dragons, which at any moment can make an enemy attack in your direction.

You are wonderful and creative people, which means that our handy character editor will help you style your dragon the way you want! Draw a unique, bright and colorful pattern on it or download it in a special section of our forum.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of dense forests, but be careful when the sun goes below the horizon and darkness falls, so as not to accidentally run into the enemy.

In any case, who to be and what to do-choose for yourself! Explore the boundless expanses of the open world, play hide-and-seek or arrange cozy gatherings with friends, because the game supports multiplayer, or even organize limitless, truly epic PVP battles! We wish you a happy mood with Dragons of the Edge!

* If you have any problems with the game, please contact the appropriate forum section for help.

* Please note that the game is in early access and errors are natural because it is still in development.