The address of our website — https://dragonsoftheedge.pro.

Dragons of the Edge (hereinafter referred to as DoTE) is a non — commercial game project created by fans of the "How to train a dragon" universe.

This resource, created by the Dragons of the Edge team (hereinafter referred to as we), has the exclusive purpose of interacting the project audience with each other and the project team.

The Dragons of the Edge team respects Your privacy and guarantees the security and safety of the latter.

Registration on the Dragons of the Edge forums is voluntary and not binding. When you register on the site, we collect certain types of information about you.

I. Information we collect about you.

  1. We request your nickname, which will be used by you in future communication on the DoTE forums. Nick is available to all users and guests of the DoTE site and forums.
  2. Your email address, which is visible only to the administration.
  3. Your IP address, which is visible only to the site administration.
  4. Technical information about the browser or device that is only available for viewing by the site Administration.

II. Use of Your personal information

Your data provided during registration, as well as when visiting the site / forum, can be used for the following purposes:

  1. in order to identify you, give you the status of a participant and allow you to communicate freely on this resource.
  2. Your IP address is recorded when you perform certain actions on the site or forum (visiting, sending messages, etc.). This is strictly confidential information. It can't be publicly available.
  3. Your email address allows us to identify you as a real user and send you informational messages.
  4. Technical information about the browser or device that you use when visiting the site is used solely for the purpose of analyzing site traffic.

III. Security of your data

We have ensured maximum security of your data. Any confidential information about your account is stored in encrypted form. To prevent unauthorized access to your data, we have taken the necessary measures to protect it.

IV. Collecting Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on the user's computer. These cookies allow you to perform certain functions on our site.

Cookies do not store any information about Your personal data.

V. User support

The DoTE project forums allow players to contact support representatives. Communication with the support service occurs in the topics you created that describe the problem. In exceptional cases, if necessary, support representatives may ask you for technical information about your device or information that may have a positive impact on solving your problem. You provide this information voluntarily. You are not required to provide such information.