Greetings! There has been no news from us for a long time, and many of you are probably convinced that work on the update has been suspended and the project has died altogether, but this is far from the case.
During this long period of time since the last update, the project has changed dramatically, and the game itself has been pretty transformed. I hope that in the near future you will be able to experience each change for yourself 😉

Some information...

Now I would like to share with you some information about the upcoming update. And please note that this is only a small piece, the so-called extract from the changelog. The remaining innovations and changes will be published by the release of the update.

You can now modify a lot of game parameters in the corresponding menu, when starting/loading/hosting the game, or as the game session progresses (but some changes may not be applied this way). There are parameters/options like:

  • Day/night speed.
  • Hunger/thirst and other parameter consumption.
  • Various damage multipliers.
  • Various movement and turn speed multipliers, along with gravity multipliers.
  • Baby growth rate, flight difficulty and egg hatch time.
  • PvE mode, that disables PvP between players by default (they can still enable it with the crossed swords icon near their portrait).
  • Allow/forbid players to hide their nicknames and speech bubbles while crouching (there were people who wanted to play Hide & Seek, but these were giving them out).
  • Allow/forbid cannibalism and devouring prey alive.
  • Enabling/disabling some dragon abilities, like, Deadly Nadder's spike tranquilization or Speed Stinger's paralysis.
  • Some weather settings, like frequency of rain and fog, or light brightness.
  • Enabling/disabling some game mechanics, like, unconsciousness from high-speed impacts.
  • Skin and customization related settings, like, limiting the maximum size and resolution of the skins, or limiting the glowing skin and body parts glow intensity.
  • Some crazy and potentially totally game-breaking things, like allowing fires (and fire breath) to burn in water, offsetting the ocean level, and such.
  • Defining how scaling affects creatures and objects, like slowing/speeding them up, their voice pitch, mass and damage output.

And that's not all! Just stay tuned! ;)

Dragons of the Edge team.


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